North Central Air Charter - Fleet

At North Central Air Charter, we operate our own fleet of Citation Jet, Pilatus PC-12 and Cirrus SR22T aircraft which means that we can help you to select the perfect airplane considering your destination, the number of people in your party and your budget. We are conveniently located at the DuPage Airport just outside Chicago and very near to Chicago O'Hare International and Chicago Midway International airports but we will position our fleet so that your private air charter can begin most anywhere.

Citation Jet Charter

The Citation is a leader in the Chicago private jet charter market.  The Citation Jet provides a large, luxurious and comfortable cabin space with leather reclining first class seating for up to 7 passengers and an on-board lavatory.  It is a popular choice in the twin engine light jet charter arena allowing you to fly across the country and internationally, whether for business or pleasure, economically and efficiently.

Pilatus PC-12

The Pilatus Pc-12 designed by Pilatus Aircraft, Ltd. in Switzerland is the Cadillac Escalade of the skies.  It is one of the most popular turbine powered single engine airplanes in service with a very roomy cabin, first class leather seating for up to 6 passengers and an on-board lavatory.  The Pilatus PC-12 is a very versatile airplane for those looking for executive business air charter, private personal air charter, and air cargo.

Cirrus SR-22T

The Cirrus SR-22T has become the gold standard of regional private air charter, also known as private air taxi. The Cirrus SR-22T is a luxurious, state of the art, safe and reliable aircraft perfect for groups of up to three. We have several Cirrus SR-22T aircraft on our fleet. When considering a private air taxi, the SR-22T is invaluable to the bottom line of any business or pleasure trip by allowing you to fly in and out of most any airport in the country, getting you closer to your ultimate destination quickly, economically and in ultimate style.

Pilatus PC-12

Cessna Citation

Cirrus SR-22