We Are Connectors

North Central Air Charter (NCAC) is a reliable and experienced private jet charter and Cirrus air taxi operator located at the DuPage Airport just outside of Chicago. NCAC operates its own fleet of Citation Jet, Pilatus PC-12 and Cirrus SR22T. Let us put our fleet to use in helping you connect face to face for business meetings, family events, and all the important things in life.

We have international, national, and regional capability to service groups as large as eight travelers to as small as just one.   NCAC is Argus Gold rated and Wyvern Registered, giving our passengers confidence that our safety and operations are independently reviewed. Our aircraft are maintained to an impeccable standard and ready on demand. Our flight crews have significant time in each aircraft type, and our operations staff is highly experienced in aircraft management.

NCAC prides itself in the excellence and experience the staff brings to the table. Our team has a combined experience of over 70 years. Not only do we have experienced crewmembers, but our office staff also has years of experience. From start to finish we are here to assist you in all your trips needs. There is not a mission to difficult for us to complete.

Our home base is in the Chicago suburbs at DuPage Airport (KDPA), although we can begin your trip from any airport. If our fleet is unable to do the mission, we are here to assist you in finding the appropriate aircraft.

North Central Air Charter was founded by aviation industry veteran Ken Phlamm, and private equity investor Rob Miller, both of Hinsdale Illinois. The vision they have for the company is to be provide the best quality product and service to the community.

North Central Air Charter: FAA Air Carrier Certificate Number T77A675I


Do I have to go through security?

Private aviation provides the highest level of security but without the inconvenience. You will not be asked to remove your shoes or empty your bags. Drive your car right up to the side of the plane and step onboard!

How safe is this?

Private aviation is highly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Our pilots are highly trained and rigorously tested according to FAA approved programs. The same is true of our aircraft. All are well maintained according to strict Federal standards.

How do I track a Flight?

Type the airplane's tail number into our flight tracking page